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Proofpoint Introduces its Next-Generation SaaS Email Security and Privacy Platform to the European Market, Featuring Powerful Data Loss Prevention and Encryption Enhancements

Apr 26, 2010
– April 26, 2010 – Note to editors: This release also available in French and German versions.

London, UK – from Infosecurity Europe, Booth L90 – April 26, 2010 –Proofpoint, Inc. (, the leading provider of SaaS email security, archiving and data loss prevention solutions, today introduced Proofpoint 6.1—the latest version of its SaaS and appliance-based email security and data loss prevention (DLP) platform—to the European market at Infosecurity Europe. Proofpoint 6.1 builds on the email encryption, data loss prevention, security and workflow features of Proofpoint 6 with powerful features including improved multi-protocol (email and Web) DLP capabilities, a new data loss prevention dashboard, an Outlook plug-in for easier access to on-demand email encryption (via Proofpoint Encryption) and other security and performance enhancements.

"Across the globe, we're seeing a trend toward more stringent data protection regulations that promise stricter breach notification requirements, bigger fines and more headaches for organizations that fail to properly protect private data," said Peter Galvin, chief marketing officer for Proofpoint. "As just one example, the UK Information Commissioner's Office can now levy significant fines for violations of the Data Protection Act. This type of legislation, combined with a growing awareness of data protection as a best practice, is greatly increasing enterprise demand for data loss prevention and encryption solutions in Europe."

Proofpoint 6.1 answers that demand with improved DLP and encryption capabilities while also continuing to innovate on inbound email protection.

"An increasing number of European customers are seeking to leverage the cost savings and other benefits of SaaS and are deploying not just inbound email security but also data loss prevention and email encryption functions 'in the cloud'," continued Galvin.

For example, European enterprises including easyJet, Europe's leading low-fares airline, and Arkadin, a global provider of audio and web conferencing solutions, use Proofpoint's SaaS email security solution (see related press releases, "easyJet Looks to Proofpoint's Cloud for Email Security" and "Arkadin Deploys Proofpoint ENTERPRISE SaaS Email Security to Stop Spam and Viruses, Simplify Administration").

Whether deployed as SaaS or on-premises, Proofpoint 6.1 simplifies today's complex email environments by combining inbound anti-spam and anti-virus, outbound data loss prevention, email encryption and policy enforcement features into one affordable, easy-to-use and easy-to-manage platform for taking control of email. Some of the key enhancements to the Proofpoint 6.1 platform are described in more detail below.

Multi-Protocol Data Loss Prevention via ICAP Standard Protocol Support

In its most recent annual survey of data loss prevention issues in large enterprises (download a complimentary copy from Proofpoint found that more than half of companies surveyed (56.4%) said that it is "important" or "very important" for their organizations to reduce the legal and financial risks associated with outbound HTTP traffic in the next 12 months. Proofpoint 6.1 extends Proofpoint's powerful email-based data loss prevention features—which allow administrators to automatically detect and block confidential information, private customer or employee data (such as private healthcare, financial or identity information) and other sensitive content—to additional protocols including HTTP and HTTPS.

Proofpoint systems can now interoperate with Web proxy appliances that support the ICAP protocol—including Blue Coat ProxySG appliances from Proofpoint technology partner Blue Coat Systems—to block outbound Web transmissions that violate an organization's policies.

"As users increasingly adopt social networking for communications, securing those communications, in addition to traditional email-based communications, is critical," said Michael Hakkert, vice president of corporate marketing at Blue Coat Systems. "More than ever, European enterprises are looking for a cost-effective solution that prevents data loss through both email and Web-based communications, and the combination of Proofpoint and Blue Coat ProxySG appliances delivers comprehensive protection against such data breaches."

The new feature allows organizations to apply the same content security, regulatory compliance and acceptable use policies defined for SMTP-based email to HTTP and HTTPS communications. Web posting activity—such as Web-based email posting (including Webmail services such as MSN Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail and Google Gmail)—can be automatically intercepted and scanned for information leaks and policy violations, even inside SSL-encrypted sessions.

Proofpoint's easy-to-use policy management interface provides a convenient, single point-of-control for creating and managing both email and Web data loss prevention policies. Proofpoint's robust DLP incident management, remediation and workflow features can now be used to manage both email and Web-based violations.

Enhanced Data Loss Prevention and Incident Management Dashboard

Proofpoint 6.1 brings a new level of flexibility and ease-of-use to administrators, compliance officers and other business users who need to review and remediate data loss incidents. The new data loss prevention dashboard provides a DLP-specific user interface and reports that make it easier for these administrators to review, comment on, track and escalate outbound policy violations.

Proofpoint's reporting interface has been enhanced with a new look and feel that will help administrators better understand policy violation and policy compliance trends across their organizations. The new reporting interface also improves the appearance, usability and flexibility of all of Proofpoint's built-in reports.

Proofpoint Encryption Enhancements

First introduced with Proofpoint 6, Proofpoint Encryption™ adds SaaS-powered, policy-based email encryption to the Proofpoint ENTERPRISE™ Privacy suite. Proofpoint Encryption enables easy-to-use, easy-to-manage email encryption that's friendly to senders, recipients and administrators. Email encryption policies are managed and enforced on an enterprise level from a single location, using Proofpoint's administrative GUI. Proofpoint Encryption also eliminates key management, backup and administration burdens through the Proofpoint Key Service™, which uses the Proofpoint on Demand™ SaaS infrastructure to provide secure, cost-efficient, highly-available and fully redundant key storage facilities.

With Proofpoint 6.1, Proofpoint Encryption has been enhanced with a variety of new ease-of-use, security and ease-of-administration features including:

  • Proofpoint Encryption Plug-in for Outlook: A new plug-in for Microsoft Outlook allows Proofpoint Encryption users to easily initiate encrypted messages directly from their Outlook inboxes.

  • Proofpoint Key Service enhancements: Enhanced search facilities enable administrators to more easily find specific encryption keys (for message revocation or other key management tasks).

  • Security and administration enhancements: Administrators now have more flexibility in configuring security settings for the Proofpoint Secure Reader™ (the Web-based interface that allows users to decrypt and read encrypted messages) and improved control over their organization's unique password policies.

Anti-spam Effectiveness and Efficiency Enhancements

Proofpoint continues its commitment to delivering the industry's most effective anti-spam solution, powered by patent-pending Proofpoint MLX™ machine learning technology which typically delivers 99.8% or better effectiveness against all types of spam, phishing attacks and other inbound email threats.

Enhanced Proofpoint Smart Search™ Performance

The performance of Proofpoint Smart Search, Proofpoint's advanced message tracing and log analysis component has also been improved, allowing administrators to more rapidly trace both inbound and outbound messages, analyze how messages were processed by the Proofpoint system and report on the disposition and status of any email message.

SaaS and Appliance Solution Suites Simplify Email Security

The new features of Proofpoint 6.1 will be available simultaneously for Proofpoint's SaaS (Proofpoint on Demand™) and appliance (Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway™) deployments as part of Proofpoint ENTERPRISE™, Proofpoint's flagship email security solution. Proofpoint ENTERPRISE™ is available both on-demand and on-premises with two solution suites that support the most common inbound threat protection and outbound data loss prevention requirements:

  • Proofpoint ENTERPRISE Protection Suite: Proofpoint ENTERPRISE Protection delivers all of Proofpoint's best-in-class inbound email security and email management components. Features include: advanced connection management; Proofpoint MLX™-powered spam detection; signature-based and zero-hour virus protection; email firewall, deep content inspection and outbound filtering capabilities to enforce acceptable use policies for message content and attachments; advanced message tracing; and TLS encryption.

  • Proofpoint ENTERPRISE Privacy Suite: For enterprises with advanced regulatory compliance and data privacy requirements, Proofpoint ENTERPRISE Privacy provides "defense in depth" for private information of all types. It protects private information in email, defends against leaks of confidential information and ensures compliance with common data protection regulations including HIPAA, GLBA and PCI standards. For maximum data loss prevention flexibility and control, Proofpoint ENTERPRISE Privacy now includes the powerful encryption features of Proofpoint Encryption, which helps mitigate the risks associated with regulatory violations, data loss and corporate policy violations by automatically applying encryption based on your organization's unique policies. Features include: advanced, highly accurate detection of private or confidential information in unstructured and structured data; pre-configured data protection policies; an easy-to-use administration console; integrated policy-based email encryption; and robust incident management.

Pricing and Availability

The Proofpoint 6 platform, Proofpoint Encryption module, Proofpoint ENTERPRISE Protection and Proofpoint ENTERPRISE Privacy suites are generally available now. The Proofpoint 6.1 update will be available in the second quarter of 2010. Pricing for the Proofpoint ENTERPRISE Privacy bundle (including Proofpoint Encryption) is less than $17 (USD) per user, per year for organizations with 5000 to 10,000 inboxes. Contact Proofpoint for a detailed quote.

Current Proofpoint email security customers on maintenance can upgrade to the Proofpoint 6 and 6.1 platforms free of charge. Contact for details.

Learn More about Email Security and Compliance in Today's Enterprise

Visit Proofpoint at the Infosecurity Europe exhibition, in London's Earls Court booth L90, to learn more about Proofpoint's next-generation SaaS solutions for email security, data loss prevention, email encryption and email archiving. Proofpoint technology partner Blue Coat Systems is also exhibiting in booth H20.

To learn more about Proofpoint's easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use policy-based email encryption solution, register to download two complimentary whitepapers—Proofpoint's Protecting Enterprise Data with Proofpoint Encryption and Osterman Research's The Critical Need for Encrypted Email and File Transfer Solutions—by visiting:

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