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Proofpoint Enterprise Archive Adds Full Support for Microsoft Exchange 2010, New Capabilities for Reducing Legal Discovery Risks and Costs

Aug 9, 2010
– August 9, 2010 – Note: Versions of this release are also available in French, German and Spanish.

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – August 9, 2010 – Proofpoint, Inc., the leading provider of SaaS email security, email archiving and data loss prevention solutions, today announced a major upgrade to its SaaS email archiving solution, Proofpoint Enterprise Archive™, an enterprise-grade solution that helps organizations reduce legal discovery risk and costs. By providing a secure, searchable repository of all email messages, Proofpoint Enterprise Archive enables organizations to easily and consistently perform early case assessments, instantly preserve data in active legal holds and enforce retention policies. The newest features include full support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, enhanced legal hold functions to streamline the eDiscovery process and improved search facilities for end-users.

New Product Features

Full support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, including:

  • Support for Microsoft Outlook Web Access
  • Access to stubbed attachments and advanced search capabilities
  • Support for mixed environments that use multiple Microsoft Exchange server versions including 2003, 2007 and 2010

Enhanced legal hold, eDiscovery and compliance features, including:

  • Instant, automatic preservation of data in active legal holds, as opposed to manual methods that are difficult to track and audit
  • Near real-time eDiscovery search, to efficiently gain insights into custodian datasets for matter strategy and early case assessments
  • Support for EDRM XML
  • Search for end-users to easily perform complex searches of their own archived email
  • Random sampling of supervised email inboxes for auditing purposes
  • Enhanced supervision workflow to easily manage multiple supervision queues; richer reporting capabilities

Key Product Facts

  • Proofpoint Enterprise Archive is an on-demand email archiving solution that addresses three key challenges—legal discovery, regulatory compliance, and email storage management.
  • Hybrid on-premises and SaaS solution can be deployed in days, with minimal upfront costs and planning and can be easily managed by existing messaging IT staff.
  • Combines storage and search in the cloud with a lightweight, on-premises appliance, that delivers the performance, scalability and cost savings of SaaS - while providing the highest levels of security for each organization's archived data.
  • Patented Proofpoint DoubleBlind Encryption™ protects data in transit and at rest, encrypted with a key only the customer has access to, while still providing full search and discovery capabilities.
  • Extensive policy engine allows companies to quickly deploy and enforce email retention policies for the purpose of discovery, as well as to comply with industry-specific rules and regulations including FINRA, GLBA and HIPAA, as well as SEC policies for email storage.
  • Proofpoint Enterprise Archive makes it easier to handle larger groups of supervised users, perform supervision searches and randomly sample data for auditing purposes.
  • New version available now
  • Pricing starts at $30 per user per year, including 24x7 support and all required storage infrastructure.
  • Today, Andres Kohn, general manager, archiving for Proofpoint will be available to answer questions about Proofpoint Enterprise Archive on Twitter by tweeting a question at Proofpoint Twitter handle, @Proofpoint_Inc, using the hash tag #pparchive.

Supporting Quotes

Steven Heller, director of technology, Graubard Miller: eDiscovery is critical to our firm, as attorneys must be able to store and search email records quickly during the legal hold stage at the beginning of the litigation process. We continue to trust Proofpoint Enterprise Archive for our archiving needs and are thrilled with its ability to generate search results in near-real time. New legal hold features will empower our team to track and identify key information faster and easier than ever before.

Andres Kohn, general manager, archiving for Proofpoint: With more and more organizations involved in litigation, and being held to stricter data preservation and increasingly strict compliance standards, we're seeing greatly increased demand for solutions that make it easier to preserve, collect, process and review email. Over the past 12 months, we've seen a doubling in both the number of searches and number of messages managed by Proofpoint Enterprise Archive. This trend is accelerating as we continue to add many new enterprise customers, who typically need to archive data for 10,000 or more inboxes.


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