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Proofpoint Announces Enhancements to Enterprise Protection and Privacy Suites

Dec 7, 2010
Sunnyvale, Calif. – December 7, 2010 – Proofpoint, Inc., the leading provider of SaaS security and compliance solutions, today introduced version 6.2 of the Proofpoint Enterprise email security and compliance platform, including new features for the Proofpoint Enterprise Protection™ and the Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy™ suites. New features and enhancements in the updated platform empower both email end-users and administrators with new spam mitigation features, email encryption enhancements and improved sender controls. The new Proofpoint Smart Send™ feature introduces self-remediation features for both outbound spam and data loss prevention violations. It alerts email senders to policy violations before an email is sent, providing the opportunity to correct common email mistakes including inadvertent leaks of private or confidential information.

"Smart Send is a feature that both users and administrators will find extremely useful," said John Vander Velde, manager of IT at Lake Michigan Financial Corporation. "It allows administrators to set up policies that will automatically ask the sender, 'Do you really want to send this?' Most of the time, users do not realize they've violated a policy until it's too late. Proofpoint Smart Send efficiently cuts cost and time that an administrator would have to spend remediating, while helping us comply with regulations, making it a very attractive feature in the new version."

The Proofpoint Enterprise Protection suite protects email infrastructure from outside threats including spam, phishing, unpredictable email volumes, malware and other forms of objectionable or dangerous content before they hit the enterprise perimeter. The Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy suite is an integrated email compliance, data loss prevention and encryption solution. Proofpoint's cloud-enabled platform reduces cost of ownership through reductions in maintenance, management and hardware costs.

Proofpoint Smart Send
To help address the vast majority of data loss incidents, which are inadvertent and non-malicious, Proofpoint Smart Send allows administrators to create gateway policies that automatically notify an email sender if an outgoing email message violates a policy. Authorized senders can then "self-remediate" violations—easily reviewing, revising or releasing quarantined messages—relieving the burden from administrators.

Proofpoint Smart Send is completely customizable and different policies can be enforced for different groups and individual users. Proofpoint Smart Send can also be used in conjunction with outbound spam and virus scanning rules, alerting senders if their mailbox has been compromised by a botnet and sending out spam. The mailbox owner will receive an alert if a mailbox is used in this way to send outbound spam.

Enhanced Spam Control
The new release also includes enhanced spam control features, including a capability to identify and temporarily quarantine suspected spam and support for Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) verification.

Proofpoint provides more control for those borderline suspicious messages that may be a part of new spam outbreaks (or new variants of existing spam campaigns). Messages that are scored by Proofpoint MLX technology as "suspected spam" can now be temporarily held in quarantine until more information is known about them. Suspected spam is held for an administrator-configurable period of time or until a specific number of spam updates have been received, automatically re-scanning messages before delivering or permanently quarantining the messages.

New sender authentication enhancements include DKIM verification of inbound messages. Verifying sending domains using DKIM helps to identify phishing attacks, blended threats and other malicious emails that commonly spoof a trusted sender. The Author Domain Signing Practices (ADSP) extension to DKIM is also supported.

Easier to Use, More Customizable Email Encryption
Proofpoint strives to make powerful email encryption features easy to use at the gateway, on the desktop or on mobile devices. New features in Proofpoint Encryption help email users send email securely, without impeding their normal business processes.

A new plug-in for Microsoft Outlook extends the power of Proofpoint Encryption to the desktop, allowing users to encrypt and decrypt messages on demand, directly within Microsoft Outlook. Email messages to both internal (inside the firewall) and external (outside the gateway) recipients can be encrypted.

A new "TLS fallback to Proofpoint Encryption" feature allows policies to be configured so that messages are sent securely using TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption when available, but falling back to Proofpoint Encryption should the TLS connection attempt fail. This feature ensures that business-critical, sensitive emails are still sent immediately, but always remain secure.

Proofpoint has introduced several branding improvements that allow organizations to better customize the secure messaging experience. New customization options for the Proofpoint Secure Reader™, the web-based interface seen by recipients when they receive and read encrypted messages, allow for more consistent and flexible branding. For example, a hotel chain with multiple hotel brands could adjust alerts to refer only to the hotel that pertains to the sender, minimizing confusion and strengthening the brand.

"With stricter government and corporate regulations, businesses need automated and easy to use solutions to ensure private information remains confidential, "said Peter Galvin, chief marketing officer, Proofpoint. "Our goal is to enable business to use innovative technologies, like Proofpoint Encryption to meet complex business challenges without impacting the company or their users. With our encryption and data loss prevention technologies, our clients' customers, partners, and employees can use corporate email for confidential communications on their phone, PDA or computer, and ensure that their information is safe."

Pricing and Availability
The Proofpoint security and compliance platform, version 6.2, Proofpoint Enterprise Protection and Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy suites are available now. Pricing for the suites range from $10-$14 per user, per year depending on the size of deployment. Contact Proofpoint for a detailed quote. Proofpoint email security customers can upgrade to the new version free of charge. Contact for details.

New iPhone App
The new Proofpoint Mobile Dashboard app for iPhone is also now available. This free application allows users to review Proofpoint's global anti-spam effectiveness over the past 20 and 90 days, and lets administrators connect to Proofpoint's customer support system to check in on the status of any calls in support queue. Users can also connect to the latest Proofpoint security news. The Proofpoint Mobile Dashboard for iPhone is available now in the iTunes store, learn more at


Video on Proofpoint Smart Send: - Proofpoint's Ken Liao explains the new self-remediation features of Proofpoint Smart Send™.

CEO Series: Why Privacy Matters Today: - Proofpoint CEO Gary Steele talks about consumer and data privacy issues and what enterprises can do to improve how they handle private data.

About Proofpoint, Inc.
Proofpoint focuses on the art and science of cloud-based email security, eDiscovery and compliance solutions. Organizations around the world depend on Proofpoint's expertise, patented technologies and on-demand delivery system to protect against spam and viruses, safeguard privacy, encrypt sensitive information, and archive messages for easier management and discovery. Proofpoint's enterprise email solutions mitigate the challenges and amplify the benefits of enterprise messaging. Learn more at

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